Confess: A Novel - Colleen Hoover
There's one thing that I love about Hoover's books, and it's that they make me FEEL. I know anything I read by her will have an impact on my emotions: good, bad, sad, hopeful. She knows just how to aim at your heart strings. Confess is no different.

Auburn is a character that has been emotionally beat down for years. The people she has been forced to surround herself around are completely heinous. They use whatever they can in order to keep her right where they want her. She doesn't believe that she deserves anything better than what she's dealing with right now. Owen helps others out when they should probably help themselves more. He knows he's only enabling them, but can't find it in his heart to tell them no. He is taken aback when Auburn walks into his studio, and can't keep himself from wanting to be a part of her life.

I really can't tell you a lot of the main points because... spoilers. And let's be real, those suck. I will say that the inspirations behind Owen's paintings are amazing and heartbreaking. I love that the images are also included in the book. We get to see them brought to life. This story is heart-wrenching in so many ways. You want to feel hope, but there are so many times where you just feel defeated, for both Auburn and Owen. You loathe the people that put Auburn down, and hope that she can overcome the many obstacles to achieve her ultimate goals.

While Confess isn't as heartbreaking as previous books it will definitely leave you feeling all the emotions.