Gone Too Far - Natalie Richards
I absolutely loved Richards’s book Six Months Later, and Gone Too Far lived up to that book. There is so much mystery, and trying to decide who could be trusted.

Piper makes a lot of mistakes, but she does learn from them eventually. She has to battle with the part of her that thinks the popular kids are beneath her, and learn that they all have their issues and that nothing is perfect regardless of your social standing. The death of Stella spurs her into really makign things right in her school.

The really creepy thing is the notebook. I described it to the hubby,and he was like why would she keep that thing. It’s disturbing to say the least, but it’s what pushes Piper into choosing names for the anonymous texter.

There are some parts that are predictable but it doesn’t make the story any less. I like how Richards weaves Piper’s story, and shows how some people can have very dark thoughts and you wouldn’t even know. There are a few instances where I was terrified for Piper. She gets herself into some pretty tight situations, and it may not turn out the way she was hoping.