No Such Thing as Perfect - Sarah Daltry


This story is about a girl who is constantly trying to reach this level of perfect that is pretty much unattainable.

I completely feel for Lily.  She has always been told she's not good enough.  She has such a hard time finding out who she is separate from the other people in her life.  When she goes to college she figures she'll be able to follow a plan.  It's not very easy for her to fit in.  She is awkward and has a hard time making friends.  Lily comes to a breaking point when she begins remembering moments in her life with a different perspective, and some distance from those in the memories.

No Such Thing as Perfect takes you to the dark places of trying to please everyone but yourself.  There are definitely some cringe-worthy moments when we see how those who are supposed to be there for Lily treat her.  It was awful at times. But she does make some friends that make her realize that she is her own person.  If she wants to do things a different way, that is completely okay.

Sometimes you find an amazing friendship in other people who are as broken as you, and this book illustrates that well.