Robin in the Hood - Diane J. Reed
The opening chapter of this book will hook you in!

Robin is definitely not used to living the way the people at Turtle Shores do. It becomes quite an adjustment for her, but one that she makes pretty well. She may even like the group that she now lives among. I love that Robin begins to learn that there is more to life than what you can buy, and how expensive it is. She learns to appreciate the small things.

Creek is a good guy. He does some crazy things sometimes, but it’s all to help those he cares about. I also like that he is able to bring Robin out of her shell, and show her how amazing things are even when there is no money to be had.

The romance is a little fast, but it is still believable. The characters are young, and sometimes intense situations bring out your emotions faster than any other time. The ways these two get themselves into trouble is insane. They definitely have luck on their side.

Overall, I loved it. There is even a hint at something magical, and I really hope to find out more in the next books.