Miles from Kara - Melissa  West
I loved Kara in Pieces of Olivia. She’s such a contrast to her friend that you can’t help but feel all the bubbliness running out of her.

I admire Kara for trying to battle out her indecision on her major. She accepts an internship that changes her dramatically. She has to learn how to put a distance with those she is counseling and herself. She doesn’t see how the older counselors do it, and it just adds to the thoughts of choosing her field of study. She’s a friend that will always be there for you. She knows when to push an issue and when to drop it. I freaking adore Colt. He’s an all around good guy. He has his own stuff to deal with, but he does what he can to make Kara feel better.

Kara is also struggling with what she did when she was a teenager. It is something that has shaken her to the core, and she can’t let go of the pain and guilt. It effects her relationships, and keeps her in a position to push others away. I love that she leans on her friends when she needs to. They support her in her decisions, but are also comfortable enough with her to tell her when something is a bad idea.

All around this is a great book, and I can’t wait to see what happens with some of the other characters at Charleston Haven.