While Beauty Slept - Elizabeth  Blackwell


While Beauty Slept is a great retelling.  I haven't read many alternate stories of Sleeping Beauty, so this one piqued my interest.

Elise is a character that takes loyalty very seriously.  She even pushes away her own desires in order to serve the queen and princess.  She doesn't have many friends because of her quick advancement in the ranks at the castle, but she doesn't really feel like she needs any.  She's there for the queen at some of her darkest times, and protects Rose as she would her own child.  Elise has her struggles with heartache, and second guessing if she made the right decisions when it comes to her own life.

The beginning of this book felt very drawn out.  But by the time Elise arrived at the castle, I was fully engrossed. There are so many politics not only among the nobility, but also among the servants.  Elise is ostracized on more than one occasion for wanting to better her station and herself.   I did enjoy that while there was romance, there was a stronger view on friendship among women.

You find friendship, support and love in the unlikeliest places, and each event you go through in life changes you in ways you can't imagine.