Kissing Frogs - Alisha Sevigny


Kissing Frogs is a fun read that had me hooked.

I love secret nerdy girls. I hate that they feel the need to keep it a secret, though. Jess was a great student and let her nerdy side out until she was picked on, and decided she needed a new persona for her new school. She tries so hard to impress the popular people, and be someone she isn't. I liked her progression while in Panama. It's a short span of time but she learns more about her true self than she would have on that spring break trip.

My favorite aspect about this book, other than the romance, is the friendships that Jess builds. She no longer has anything in common with this group of people, but she finds out what real friends are. They accept her as she is, and defend her when others in the group are catty. Also, there's Travis. He's incredibly sweet, and different than the last time Jess saw him. He has his moments of being a stupid person, but he definitely makes up for them.

If you want a quick read that will have you grinning, this is definitely the book to pick up.





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