Venom - Jennifer Estep
I will never understand how Gin gets herself into these situations. I do know that she loves her friends and family fiercely. That is one of the admirable things about Gin being the Spider. She’s using herself to help people. She also finds out more about Fletcher, her mentor, even though he’s been gone for some time.

I instantly liked Bria. She’s no nonsense, but willing to do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. I know it’s hard for Gin to see her, but I think she does a pretty good job on keeping things from getting too personal.

I freaking love Owen. He’s smart and knows how to get under Gin’s skin. Sometimes in a bad way, but mostly in a good way. He’s almost a perfect fit into her world, and doesn’t look at her like she’s an awful person for what she decides to do.

The only thing that bugs me is the repetitiveness from the previous books. And sometimes even the events that happened in this book.