Web of Lies - Jennifer Estep


Gin Blanco is one of those bad ass chicks that I admire. Even though she has been adamant about being retired she can't help but help this family. They have no idea the force they are dealing with, and she intends to take that person out.

Caine drove me crazy in the first book, and he continues to do the same in this book. This guy can't see that there is a gray area in the world. He doesn't want to get mixed up in the affairs of Gin, or the Spider. But he has known the Fox's for a long time, and wants to make sure they are okay.

I've never understood why Gin is so stuck on this guy, and she constantly questions how he sees her. She knows she isn't going to change but it still hurts that he gives her a look of horror at times.

I've always love the relationship Gin has with Finn. He's probably the best brother a girl can have and she knows she can depend on him for whatever she needs help with.

I enjoyed this installment and am ready to jump into the next adventure Gin has.

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