You Were Meant For Me - Yona Zeldis McDonough



You know a book is good when you have a reaction.  You Were Meant for Me had me feeling all of those new mommy feelings all over again.

I think the characters in this book were amazing.  We have three characters that we follow: Miranda, Evan and Jared.  Each person adds an development in Miranda's life.  Miranda has to decide which friends really support her through everything with finding the newborn.  Miranda has to learn that she has to be strong in order to endure all the problems that come with raising a child.

You Were Meant for Me is so much more than learning how to adjust to having a child that is not your own.  It's about love, heartbreak, friendship, loss, and dealing with all the things life throws in your way.  I think through the ups and downs Miranda finds herself.  She learns what she finds important, and how to be comfortable with her actions.