Sweet Unrest - Lisa   Maxwell


I devoured this book.  The Louisiana scenery sucked me in.

Lucy is a  character you can love and hate all at the same time.  She drives you crazy with her naivety, but makes up for it her bravery and understanding.  She acts like a brat at times, and that drove me crazy.  I did appreciate the friends she made.  She has their back when they need her.  Mama Legba was probably my favorite character. She has a big personality, and really shines throughout the book.

The events that take place are pretty creepy.  I haven't read many books that feature Voodoo, and I liked seeing that spin on the paranormal part of it.  I think the reason it was so haunting is because of the scenery.  You have old homes with a lot of history, and a history that seems to repeat itself.

I loved the storyline and it was a perfect read to start off in October.



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