Oh I loved this last book in the Jane Jameson series. It was fun getting to see Jane freak out about her wedding stuff. Not because she was a bridezilla, but because she doesn’t want to do any of it. She keeps hinting at eloping, but Gabriel will have none of that.

I also feel like they both get their chance at being a parent, even though they inherited a teen. I remember what I was like as a teen, add being a new vampire, and a hellacious appetite, and well, things get interesting.

And Grandma Ruthie is a just as awful dead as she was alive. She’s freaking insane! I’ve never cared for her, and she makes it very easy to strongly dislike her. I love that Jane seems to take it in stride until she reaches her boiling point.

Such a fun series, and a great ending. I’m anxious to read the spin-offs.