Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men - Molly Harper


I am a big fan of the folks in Half Moon Hollow. Jane is a great character. She's funny and doesn’t stand down when others are complete jerks to her.

In this book Jane shows just what a great friend she is when she's forced to wear a hideous bridesmaid dress. It may not seem like anything huge, but ugly dresses are awful! She is constantly berated by her Grandma Ruthie. That is one woman that can grate on your nerves. She's so single-minded, and paints herself as a victim when it comes to dealing with Jane.

The shenanigans that Zeb's in-laws pull are hilarious and mortifying. I think they forget that he's human sometimes, or do it because they know he is. I also like that Harper shows that relationships are work regardless of if you are living or undead. She is constantly having to struggle when it comes to her relationship, and that made it very real to me.

I love these books, and want more of Jane Jameson.

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