Made for You - Melissa Marr


This book kept me enthralled.  I was pulled into the writing, and the mystery of finding out who the killer is.  This is a thriller that will keep you turning the pages.

I liked that Made For You was told in multiple points of view.  They flowed together seamlessly.  We see everything through the eyes of Eva, Judge and Grace.  Eva is our main character, and the obsession of the killer.  She is used to being treated like royalty because of who her family is.  She also has to come to grips with how she looks after the accident.  She's worried that people will look at her like she's a freak.  Eva also doesn't know why she's able to see a person's death when they touch her.  I am so happy that she decided to use that to try to save her friends instead of completely freaking out.  Grace is Eva's best friend, and honestly, most loyal.  She sees Eva as a person instead of a girl up on a pedestal.  The Judge is freaking creepy.  I'll just leave it at that.

I really enjoyed the suspense, and not knowing who the killer is.  We get peeks into his actions with some of the victims, and dude is downright deranged.  It's been a while since I've read a YA title that the bad guy gives me the serious heebie jeebies.  The killer has a twisted way of seeing things.  There is a little romance in this novel, which you think would be weird, but it's not.  Eva finds out who her true friends are, and is able to reconnect with some of them.

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  I wouldn't call it a southern gothic, but definitely a thriller worth reading.



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