Find Me - Romily Bernard



Find Me is a fantastic thriller.  I was guessing at every corner, and may have stayed up really late to finish this book.

I love everything about Wick.  She's a strong character to have gone through all the crap she has and still be sane.  She doesn't ask for help, and insists on taking on the burden for everything.  She is also incredibly snarky.  I appreciate Griff.  He isn't who I would picture a girl like Wick going for, but he understands her on a level.  He isn't afraid of the things she's been through, and has a serious hero complex.

So much freaking intensity.  Just when you think Wick will get a break, something else happens.  She doesn't want to look behind the scenes at what happened to Tessa.  She also suspects everyone.  Wick doesn't trust easily, and there are a few moments in the book that you find out why.  The scenes where there is an event are so real.  It was hard to pull myself out of the action.  I felt every emotion right along with Wick.

Bernard has an ability to suck you into her book.  I didn't want to put it down, and kept going on about how awesome this book is to everyone.