Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers
Sybella’s story is dark and gritty and will leave you wanting more.

We get glimpes of Sybella in Grave Mercy. She is not a favorite of the Abyss, but she tries not to let that phase her. She’s an incredibly strong female character even when she doesn’t think so. I admore her so much, and she’s been through so much. Herr fahter is a horrible man, and she tries to keep those she cares about safe. She doesn’t think seh deserves happiness in any form. She even tries to fight it.

There is a lot of action as Sybella tries to fulfill her mission for her saint. She always seems to run straight into trouble, but has no problems handling herself. We also start to wonder whether we should completely believe that the convent has everyone’s best interest at heart. There are so many different ploys for power going on that it is hard to know whose side you should be on.

Most of the time sequels seem to fall short, but that didn’t happen with Dark Triumph. It pulled me more into this world, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.