Brunette Ambition - Lea Michele


I really enjoyed reading this book.  Lea Michelle gives us a quick look into her life.

This is like most biographies.  It's a mix of biography, recipes, fitness, food, and taking care of yourself.  I found myself writing down some of the things Lea Michelle said as inspiration.  I loved getting the peek into her life growing up.  She shows how important her family is to her, and how she's made friends through the years.

I think my favorite parts of this book were the recipes and healthy/beauty parts.  The food she makes looks absolutely yummy.  I'm definitely going to be trying some of them. I also like that she gives ideas for spa days at home, and has a pretty great workout plan.

If you are a fan of Lea Michelle and want to know a little bit more about her inspirations, life, and daily regimens, Brunette Ambition is definitely a book to pick up.