When We Fall - Emily Liebert


I absolutely loved this book.  The characters are amazing, and you learn a lot about jumping to conclusions and forgiveness.

Allison is a strong character.  She's trying to ome to terms with moving from New York. I love the support system she has with her parents.  They are there for her anytime she needs them. I also love how she puts Logan first.  He's her first priority, and her relationship with him is a factor in her not dating.  Charlotte is okay at times, but frustrating at others.  She doesn't have high self-confidence.  She's constantly worrying about what her "friends" think of her.  She isn't exctly proud of who she has become, and doesn't know how to fix it.

When We Fall is definitely drama-worthy.  There are so many sweet times, and then there are others when you think you are back in high school. Allison doesn't realize how she behaves around other people can be construed as bad.  She's never been put into the position of being friends with a couple, and she isn't sure how she is supposed to act.  There are some events that happen, and they don't shed a  pretty light on some characters.  This is where it gets really juicy.

I don't want to give all the dynamics away because findingthem when Allison & Charlotte do is part of what makes this an amazing story.  I wanted more of these characters when the book was done. It's an emotional ride at times, and I'm happy to be able to have read alongon the journey.