Winterkill - Kate A. Boorman


Winterkill has a very The Village type of feel to it.  This kept me turning the pages.

Emmeline is a character that doesn't conform to the same rules in her village.  She doesn't take everything at face value, and wants to know what's in the woods.  I also liked the fact that she finds a few comrades in those that she lives with.  People don't always understand her, but they are willing to keep a few secrets.

There is of course romance in this book.  It plays a big part in who Emmeline can trust.  Not everyone has her best intentions at heart.  I was worried that the romance would detract from the story, but it only fueled it.  There are strange things that happen in the woods.  There are also many secrets out there.  Emmeline just wants to know what is going on, and why she has to walk around in shame for something she didn't do.

Winterkill will have you trying to figure out what is actually going on, and who you can trust.  It's a great mystery with characters that grow throughout the book.