Take a Chance - Abbi Glines


Abbi Glines has once again given me characters I love.

I'm so happy to have a book about Grant.  I like seeing the darker side of him.  The part that hardly anyone sees.  He is so very sweet in most of our encounters with him so far, and he's completely torn apart.  I adore Harlow.  I swear it's impossible for her to be mean.  Even when she does mouth off she is a sweetheart.  I love that she tries to constantly see the good in things.  I think that's what makes her a strong character.  And ugh NAN!  I didn't like her from the very beginning of this series, and I still don't like her.  I understand her a little bit better, but she's still a bitch.

I hate that Harlow has to live with Nan.  I don't see how she managed it without strangling her.  Harlow is a much stronger person than me.  There is so much drama in this book and most of it is caused by Nan.  Surprise, surprise.  She just doesn't know when to quit.  There are a few times I want to kick Grant in the shins.  He makes some pretty dumb mistakes especially knowing how Harlow feels about his past with Nan.  I also wish Harlow would grow a backbone at times, but she's put into situations she's not used to being in.

Overall, I love these characters, except Nan.  I just love to hate her.  I must know what happens next.