The Clockwork Scarab - Colleen Gleason


Clockwork Scarab is such a fun novel.  I love that we get dual points of view.

Mina is very much like her Uncle Sherlock.  She has to have reasonable answers to everything that happens.  If logic doesn't fit she finds a way to make the information understandable.  Evaline is the next vampire hunter in her family, and she wants to prove that she's capable of it.  Seeing these two together is comical.  Evaline has all the street smarts and Mina is very much the book sort.  Their ideas on how to handle situations usually clashes, and causes many arguments.

I loved the differing opinions between these two.  They definitely learn how to combine their knowledge to work together in thsi book.  There are many action scenes, and trying to figure out who is behind the abducions is maddening for these ladies.  They definitely push the boundaries that women in this era had. I loved seeing them do things that most wouldn't think possible for girls of their age, or station.

The narrator did a fabulous job of separating the two voices.  Each was their own character, and I was never confused as to who was speaking.  A great book for middle grade and YA readers.  It's fun and engaging.