The House We Grew Up In - Lisa Jewell


Wow! The first thought in my mind as I was reading was that this family is perfect for Jerry Springer.  I kept telling my husband every time something shocking happened, and even he was like "wow."

The House We Grew Up In is definitely not a light and fluffy read.  This is a family that has to deal with death, betrayal, and some deep dark secrets. I couldn't help but feel bad for these characters, especially Megan, as the events unraveled.  This family was once very close knit.  They loved being together but over the years things begin falling apart.  I don't want to give too much away, but good gravy, I needed to make a chart in order to keep up with all the madness that was going on.

We also get a look at hoarding.  I'm not a hoarder, and tend to get rid of stuff we don't need pretty quickly and easily.  It was scary seeing how much stuff Lorelie collected.  I mean once it starts taking over your house completely, you have a problem.  It's scary, and is most definitely an illness.  I couldn't imagine being in a family surrounded by things that aren't even needed.

Like I said, this isn't a fluffy read, but I think it teaches a lot about forgiveness and acceptance.  That's definitely what I took away from reading this book, and I hope others get that same message.