Feral - Holly Schindler


Feral is definitely a book all in its own.  I thought I knew what was happening only to be shown that not everything is what it seems.

There were a few times with Claire annoyed me, but I think she puts on a brave face when trying to get over what happened to her before she moved to Peculiar.  The only thing is, she starts seeing things that aren’t there, and that trigger her memories of what happened in Chicago.  She doesn’t want to tell anyone because she thinks they’ll tell her she’s crazy.  Which is what I thought for most of the book.

The beginning starts off a little slow, but it quickly picks up after she finds the body of a student in Peculiar.  Finding this body pushes her to find out what happened to Serena.  I thought I had everything pegged down, but then my thoughts on who did it go another direction.  There are definitely a couple of gory scenes.  I admire that Schindler described the incidents in detail.  I don’t mean to sound morbid, but she made the events as real to the reader as she could.

The only thing I didn’t care for were all the cats.  It was creepy at first, but then it went a little overboard with their appearances.  But even with that Feral is still an enjoyable and twisted read.




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