I've Still Got It...I Just Can't Remember Where I Put It: Awkwardly True Tales from the Far Side of Forty - Jenna McCarthy


Jenna McCarthy is so funny.  She had me giggling throughout most of the book.  I'm almost 30, but there were a few things I could relate to in her book.

Jenna does an awesome job of being in your 40's not sound so bad.  She makes you realize that even though you are getting older, life is still pretty effing great.  Her stories with motherhood could almost mirror my own.  I can't tell you how many times my oldest tells me something jiggles.  It's maddening.

I'm not looking forward to the day that I give my child my clothes because they look better in it than I do.  That will most definitely be a depressing day.   McCarthy does a fantastic job of making even the most awkward, and some times humiliating, situations not seem very bad at all.

I've Still Got It is funny and witty.  I really enjoyed it, and found myself sharing some of the stories in it with my husband.  It's awesome when you read about something that is relatable, and hysterical, at the same time.