After I Do - Taylor Jenkins Reid
We all want to read books that make us feel all the emotions. After I Do made me laugh, cry, and feel anguish.

Both Lauren and Ryan are strong-willed people, but sometimes it’s really hard to keep a marriage strong. They do the best thing they can think of without getting a divorce. I think Lauren learns the most. She becomes closer to her family, and learns that she can maybe be happy without Ryan. Lauren is so strong in some areas, and completely lost in others. I think that can be expected when you are no longer in the same house as someone you’ve spent most of your adult years with. Lauren struggles with how she feels, and has to work through some emotional issues just to not feel bitter.

I love that Lauren has such a strong family connection. Her siblings and mom drive her crazy sometimes, but she loves them fiercely. I also like that each person supports her, but can also give her their opinion on what they think she should do. I do think that Lauren’s biggest hurdle is thinking she is a failure for having a rough go at marriage. It’s not easy, and she begins to understand that. Just because things aren’t working out the way you thought they would doesn’t make you failure.

There are definitely some emotional parts. When she starts missing Ryan is a big one. I bawled in some areas. What I loved was the humor between Lauren and her brother and sister. They may not have the same relationship choices, but the 3 of them together had me laughing at many times.

Such a great book, and I can’t say enough how much I loved it!