Where You Are - Alla Kar
Where You Are is such a great read. There is a lot of humor, and some pretty dark subjects that are confronted in this book.

I love Laney. She’s pretty strong, and doesn’t let too many things get to her. She shows just how loyal of a friend she is, even when she thinks what she is doing is a bad idea. She’s intelligent, and has friends that support her, and try to help her through whatever she’s facing. The only problem is she won’t tell them what. She’s haunted by a decision made in the past, and will not let herself get past it. I absolutely freaking love Lachlan. He’s your typical bad boy, and does some things that are straightforward. He tries to get Laney to open up to him, but she’s adamant about not letting him back into her life.

The constant tension between Laney and Lachlan is intense. You can almost see it when they are even in the same room. I don’t like, or agree with, what Laney does to make Aiden pay for being a complete jerk. It definitely isn’t always pretty or nice. But Aiden seriously needs a reality check with how he treats these girls he meets. No matter what the circumstances are she always ends up being in the same space as both Aiden and Lachlan, and it’s getting harder for her to play by her own rules.

Where You Are is an amazing read, and makes you realize you can’t punish yourself for things you did in the past. The best way to get through things is accept it, and try to move on.