UnWritten - Chelsea M. Cameron
Unwritten is a really fun read. It’s got some pretty good characters, and quirky friends.

I really liked Blair. She’s not supermodel thin, and I think she appeals to how many women really are. I love that she’s a tattooed, librarian beauty. I really like characters I can connect with. I also love that she doesn’t let the fact that she writes books get to her head. She wants that life to be completely separate from her world outside of writing. I also love her bestie, Raine. She’s so funny, and definitely the most devious of the two. Declan is a sweet guy. He does over the top things when it comes to Blair. I love how they interact with each other from the moment they first meet.

There were some areas where I think the pacing was a little fast, but there was a whole lot of story to fit into one book. I like how easy going Blair is around Declan. She feels like she can be herself and not live up to the expectations of her family. There are a lot of things going on in Blair’s personal life, and I think she handled them all well. I love when characters get to know each other too. Things may seem fast paced in some places, but Declan and Blair talk about pretty much everything.

All in all, it was a great read, and there were some tears in a few spots.