Magnolia - Kristi Cook
I absolutely loved this book. And I may have read it all in pretty much one sitting. I only stopped to feed my monsters.

Magnolia is a fun book, and the characters are pretty awesome. I loved Jemma and Ryder. They pretty much despise each other while being forced to try to spend time together by their parents. Jemma has always done what her parents want, but she finds herself rebelling a little bit in order to deal with the stress of being the perfect daughter. Ryder can be such a butt sometimes. He has this “I’m smarter than you” demeanor that is liable to drive you nuts.

I’ve always been a big fan of books that take place in the south. The setting seems so much more easy going, and the south is like it’s only little world. Mannerisms are different, and you’re stuck with all the small town drama. I loved seeing Jemma and Ryder pretty much forced to spend time together because of the storms. They each learn a lot about each other, and maybe more. Both of them refuse to admit that they might like the other. I think it’s mostly because of their parents. They refuse to give in to what they want for the both of them.

Magnolia will take you on a path of discovery, and what it means to follow your dreams. It’ll also show you that you need to get the full story sometimes before you decide you’re gonna be ticked at someone.