Once Upon a Time in Rio: A Novel - Francisco Azevedo

It's been a while since I've done a list version of a book review. To shake things up I'm going to do that with this book.

Beautiful writing.
Transports you throughout the decades.
Shows the importance of family.
Conveys the struggles families go through.
Love the deep respect these characters have for their elders. (even when they think they are nuts)
The art of storytelling.
The magical rice. The source of so much drama.
Aunt Palma. She's such an amazing character, and reminds me of my great-grandmother. Full of wisdom and advice.
Antonio, the main character. He's a dreamer, and tends to wander off in his mind.
The timeline. We get a view of him now, in his 80's and flashbacks of his childhood and growing up.

There's so many great things about this book. I couldn't put into words how I feel. I do know that I definitely came away from this book knowing that my relationship with my family means a lot.