Untitled - Rachel  Harris
Rachel Harris knows how to write fun romance. I loved everything about this book!

Sherry is one of my favorite Robicheaux siblings. She’s outgoing, and crazy, and just so full of life. She falls easily, and deals with the repercussions later. I also loved Tyler Blue. He’s sweet and awkward at times. Sherry definitely brings out the best in him. She also brings out the goofiness. :D He learns how to be a little more carefree when he’s with her.

The pacing for this book is spot on. You get to see how getting hitched in Vegas leads to these two amazing characters to care for each other. There’s definitely attraction the moment they lay eyes on each other. But there is so much more beneath the surface. Both Tyler and Sherry are scared to let themselves feel. I love that the main focus wasn’t on sex. They definitely want each other, but they choose the time they spend together to learn more about the other.

Accidentally Married on Purpose left me feeling like I was on cloud nine. I loved every bit of this book!