Beautiful Oblivion - Jamie McGuire
Welcome to the book that caused a hangover. If you liked Abby and Travis, you’ll love Cami and Trent. I think he is now my favorite Maddox brother.

I adore Cami. She’s a hard worker, and serious about her school work. She also has a fierce loyalty to her younger brother. Cami is responsible, but she needs to realize that her boyfriend needs to pay attention to her. I freaking love Trent. He’s such an amazing character. He helps his dad, and refuses to back down from Cami’s disinterest. He also busts his butt so that he can help his dad, and at times Cami. I also love the crew at tattoo shop. They are hilarious, and like a huge family.

Since this takes place during the same time period as Beautiful Disaster, we get an outside glimpse of Abby and Travis. I love how Cami and Trent become friends. There isn’t a label for what Cami and Trent are. I love that they can be “them” around each other, especially Cami. They care for each other, and loyal in their friendship.

Beautiful Oblivion is a mind blowing book that will have you trying to decide which Maddox brother you like best.