The Monster Within - Kelly Hashway
The Monster Within is a fast paced story with an intriguing plot line.

I think the characters were a little lacking for me, but that was because it was hard for me to connect with Sam and Ethan. Ethan refuses to tell Sam how he brought her back, and that really irritated me. Sam is constantly lying to Ethan about what is going on with her. I do think she handled what she was going through pretty well. Sam was a little too trusting though. She didn’t question certain things when she should have.

I liked the pacing. At times it seemed a little choppy, but other than that it flowed pretty well. I liked how witchcraft was brought into the story. It was predictable at times, but you still don’t feel like you know who you can really trust.

The ending is kind of open. It works well as a stand alone. I like when there is a little mystery left at the end of a book.