Perfect Kind of Trouble - Chelsea Fine
Chelsea Fine has done it again! She’s made me fall in love with another set of characters.
I absolutely love Kayla. She’s strong, and she’s determined to not end up like her mother. She also harbors some deep issues with her dad. I felt so awful for her when people would judge her based on looks. And we all know I was not a big Daren fan in Best Kind of Broken. I thought he was an egotistical ass. But he’s even managed to wiggle his way into my good graces. He is way more than he appears.
I love everything about this book. The journey they have to go through to get the inheritance is hilarious, sweet, and very heartwarming. The image of those two being stuck together is hard to get out of your head. I like that they are able to joke with each other, even though they don’t particularly like each other. The timeline almost runs along the same timeline as Best Kind of Broken.

I loved this book so hard, and I can’t wait for more!