Dark Days - Kate Ormand
I really enjoyed Dark Days. It’s something different, and I think it would make an awesome movie.

My only complaint with this book is I felt like the characters weren’t fleshed out very well. I think if the characters had more personality, and the book had more pages to include that, this book would have been perfect. Sia was actually very easy to connect with. She has a hard life in the sectors. She knows she’s going to die, and wants to check things off her bucket list. I was pissed at the way her friend treated her. She has an odd relationship with her parents too. I loved Mace. He’s fun, and pretty easy-going considering everything going on.

I loved the action in this book. It is what made me want more. I’ve very action driven sometimes, my hubby hates this about me when we watch movies. Sia puts herself in crazy situations, and I admire her bravery during them. I would have completely crumpled. There is definitely insta-feelings in Dark Days, but I think it completely works in this novel. Mostly because of the short timeline they have.

I really hope there is another book that ties up the loose ends. If not, I’m okay with how it ended. Dark Days is a mix of dystopian and post-apocalyptic.