Your Perfect Life: A Novel - Liz Fenton, Lisa Steinke
I have so much love for this book! It definitely speaks to how much you know about your best friends, and the importance of friendship.

I love everything about Casey and Rachel. Casey is the host of a popular celebrity gossip tv show, and Rachel is a stay at home mom of 3 kids. Everyone thinks Casey has the perfect life. She gets to meet celebrities, wealthy, and beautiful. What they don’t realize is she has doubts about herself as she gets older. In Hollywood it’s hard to stay on top when there are younger girls that can push their way in. Rachel is a great mom, although I think she was entirely too strict. She loves her family, but feels like there is something missing.

I loved how this was pretty much a grown up version of Freaky Friday. The emotions and journeys are something I could definitely relate to. Both Rachel and Casey also learn so much more about the others. Everything isn’t as easy as the other makes it seem, and there are repercussions to every decision they make.

The journey through Your Perfect Life will have you tearing up, laughing, and being grateful for the best friend in your life.