#scandal - Sarah Ockler
I enjoyed #scandal. It definitely opens your eyes about the consequences of what you post to social media.

Lucy is just trying to do her friend a favor, and keep her feelings hidden. She wants to get prom over with, and go slay some zombies. I like the fact that Lucy is really laid back. She’s able to make fun of herself, and does it pretty frequently. She also has strong emotions. Even though she wants Cole, she tries to tamp those feelings down to make her BFF happy. Her friends Ellie and Griffin pretty much suck. I don’t care what happens when you need your friends they are supposed to be there. I liked Cole well enough, he wasn’t a favorite of mine. But I loved Franklin. He’s smart, witty, sweet, and a decent guy.

The pacing is pretty steady. There were a few parts that I was a little bored with, but overall I liked the storyline. There are soooo many people keeping secrets that it’s a wonder they haven’t been found out before. The only thing I didn’t care for was all the angst. There was a lot of it. I don’t think I was that bad as a teen. But I may have been. While trying to find out who posted the pictures to Facebook, Lucy sees what it means to have friends, and sometimes people aren’t what they may seem.

If you want a sort of “who dunnit” with interesting characters this is a good book for you.