A Risk Worth Taking - Heather Hildenbrand
I love everything about Summer and Ford. They have a ton of chemistry, and I love the dialogue between the two.

Summer is a girl that’s been hurt. The awful thing is that it’s not from an ex-boyfriend, but by her parent’s divorce. She doesn’t think she can trust in love ever again. She looked up to her parent’s relationship, and the fact that they aren’t together anymore completely shattered her illusions. Ford doesn’t want a relationship. He doesn’t like the idea of being tied down, and wants to be able to continue his research.

As I said before I love the chemistry between these two. They are able to joke around, and open up to each other. I think that’s my favorite part. The conversation and playfulness flows between Summer and Ford easily. I like the relaxed feel of the the whole book. There are some tense moments, but it doesn’t make the story itself dark.

With the fast pacing, great characters, and awesome storyline, I recommend this for all that like NA Contemporary.