My Last Kiss - Bethany Neal
My Last Kiss drew me in from the beginning. Who doesn’t love a ghost story mystery???

I liked Cassidy. She’s an outgoing girl that made a few mistakes. There were times I wanted to knock her upside the head, but she took being a ghostly being pretty well. I like that she cares for her friends. She is always trying to console them even when they have been total jerks. I don’t agree with how she handled some things, but those are incidents you learn with age. She doesn’t really have much of that left anymore. :p I also like how determined some of her friends were that Cassidy’s death wasn’t a suicide.

I loved how Cassidy was a part of discovering what really happened to her. She fought for the information, and dealt with the consequences. I had an idea about who might have done it, but I wasn’t sure. The ending was great, and I loved every second of this ride. It was fun, mysterious, and enjoyable.