Son of Set - Kelsey Ketch
Son of Set picks up right where Daughter of Isis leaves off. I have mixed feelings about some characters, but we get some awesome realizations in this book!

I still don’t know how I feel about Seth. I think he’s admirable because he’s risked everything to help Natti, but he still uses his magic on her. That bugs me. If it’s something they both agreed on then I’m cool with it, but it seems like he does it to calm her down when she asks questions he doesn’t want to answer. I still love Natti. She’s a fighter. She doesn’t back down even when she’s told she should. She also continues to fight in what she believes in, part of that is Seth, and the other part is information. I also never realized how demented Sean, Seth’s dad, was until this book. He’s downright scary.

There are so many awesome things that happen in Son of Set. It’s like a game of cat and mouse between Sean and Seth & Natti. Sean needs Natti back, and he doesn’t care what happens in order to get her. A large part of the book is also how Seth and Natti feel for each other. It doesn’t overshadow what’s actually happening too much. I did think that Natti needed to try to distance herself a little more to get a clear perspective. I’m ready for the next book, and can’t wait to see where that leads us.

Son of Set is well written, full of angst, and action.