Destiny - Cindy Ray Hale

I loved this story! It’s so nice seeing a YA story where the characters have crushes on each other and don’t want to jump the each other’s bones.
I love Destiny. She’s strong in her convictions. She tries to be the best person she can be. Even when who she likes goes against her beliefs. Her character is a perfect role model for young girls. I was on the fence about Isaac. At first I couldn’t stand him. He seems like such a jerk, but he’s also generally a good guy.
I love the message this book sends. People think that prejudices only ever boil down to race, and that’s not the case. All types of people have to deal with prejudice. This one happens to focus on religion. It was a fascinating read, and I learned so much.

I recommend this book to any age. Even at almost 30, I learned a few things.