The Accidental Book Club - Jennifer Scott
The Accidental Book Club was a little hard for me to get into at first. I didn’t care for the main characters, Jean and Bailey. They drove me bonkers. But in the end I wound up really feeling for these characters.

Jean doesn’t know how to be a widow. She’s always sad, and can’t seem to move on. She’s extremely lucky she has the wonderful group of women in her book club to keep her occupied. I absolutely love her friend Loretta. She says the most off the wall things, and brings so much humor to the group. I think the fact that Jean is extremely mopey in the beginning is what I didn’t care for at first, or it could be her almost non-existent relationship with her granddaughter. She just doesn’t seem to care about anything except living in the past.

Bailey is a hot mess. She does outrageous things to get attention. She knows that’s why she does it, but she still continues with the shenanigans. I can understand her need for someone to notice her, but there are other ways to make that happen. I think her living with her grandmother was a great thing for her. It opened her eyes to more than just her problems.

Both Jean and Bailey grow so much throughout this novel. They break out of their shells, and learn that it’s okay to be sad and grieve, but not to let the world pass you by. Everyone has problems, but it’s how you handle it that makes the difference.

This book makes a great book club read. I’m even going to suggest it to mine. :D