Rush Too Far - Abbi Glines
I always worry that when I read a book told from the other person’s point of view that I will get bored with it. That is not the case with Rush Too Far. If anything, I may like it more than Fallen Too Far.

I love being in Rush’s head. He definitely has the save the world gene. He has a big heart even though he tries not to show it. He doesn’t want Blaire to be into him, and he definitely doesn’t want her in his thoughts all the damn time. I liked watching the inner struggle, and what he was really thinking when Blaire was around him.

I didn’t mention Nan in my other reviews because I don’t like her. After reading Rush’s pov, I can’t stand her. She’s had a semi-tough life not having a father, but good freaking grief. Put some big girl panties on, and deal with it. She drives me mad, I tell you!

The ending is still emotional. I thought I was torn apart when I read Fallen Too Far, but reading how it felt for Rush broke my heart completely. I bawled like a damn baby. There are also extra scenes that weren’t in Fallen Too Far, and I freaking loved them.

I love everything about this book and series. I can’t get enough of this group of friends.