Chantress Alchemy - Amy Butler Greenfield
Chantress Alchemy is the sequel to Chantress, and it surpassed my expectations. I was pulled in from the very beginning.

Lucy has grown up so much from the first book. She still has many insecurities when it comes to her magic, though. Nat is acting really weird in this installment, and it seems like our favorite characters from the first installment have lost their minds. We also meet a few new characters. Some of them I adore, and others were terrifying.

There is more romance in Chantress Alchemy, but it isn’t overpowering. It takes place in the background. I love that because it doesn’t take away from the plot of the story. Now the plot is great. It’s a mystery, and everyone is trying to find out who took the piece needed for the alchemy experiments going on. I liked that we get a look at alchemy since it was very popular in this time period. I also enjoyed the fact that I didn’t realize who the culprit was until it was announced in the book. I freaking love when that happens.

Chantress Alchemy is definitely stronger than the first book! I hope we get to see more of the new characters in the next book. You never know who you can trust.