Seven Day Fiancé - Rachel  Harris
If you like to read sweet romances, Seven Day Fiance is right up your alley. I love how Rachel is able to show how much characters pine for each other without going into the detail. Everything is sort of left in mystery, but you get the gist of what is going on.
I love Angelle. She’s set on proving that she can take care of herself. She just happens to get herself into a blunder with her family by telling small fibs. She’s such a fun character. She has insecurities just like everyone else, but is determined to stand on her own two feet despite her emotions. I also love Cane. He’s strong and protective. He’s also got a softer side that not many people get to see.
I love the chemistry between Angelle and Cane. They almost seem like polar opposites, but they both have more in common than they think. We get a peek into their past lives that has made them who they are now. The romance in SDF is sweet, and romantic, and so much fun.

I definitely recommend this book for anyone that likes fun romances.