The Forever Song - Julie Kagawa
I’m so sad to see this series go. It is probably why one of my favorite vampire series ever!

Allie had so much to learn still. But she’s a total badass and thinks it’s better not to feel.
I loved the inner battle that Allie constantly fights. I love how Kanin is still there to support her no matter what. And Jackal. I mean what I can I say about him. He’s one of my favorite characters of all time. He is witty, and caring, even if he won’t admit it. I found most of my favorite quotes were from Jackal.

The plot was kind of predictable. But I had to turn the next page. I wanted to know what was going to happen, and who would face the most inner turmoil. If you want gore, there is a ton of that. I love the horrific scenes that Kagawa paints for us. I love the fight scenes also. The way this group works together is amazing.

Like I said before, I’m so sad to say goodbye to these characters. I was extremely happy with the way it ended, and know these characters will stay in my heart.