My Soon-To-Be Sex Life - Judith Tewes
This book is filled with fun characters, witty sarcasm, and problems many people can connect to.

I really liked Charlie. She’s a total smart-butt, and sometimes doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. She has a jaded view on relationships because of what her family has gone through. I love that she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Charlie has a tense relationship with her mom. She tries to empathize, but she just wants her mom back the way she was.

There are parts in the book that are written like a screenplay. It’s how Charlie visualizes things that have happened to her. I don’t like the idea of devirginization list, but it’s what fuels some of the events in this book. There are so many elements that are touched on: addiction, sex, friendship, family relationships, and not judging people before you get a chance to know them.

All of the things that transpire in My Soon to Be Sex Life help Charlie grow as a person, and I think it makes her stronger, and realize that sex is something to take seriously.