Twelve Steps - Veronica Bartles

Living in the shadow of your older sibling can be hard, especially when they are practically perfect.

Andi just wants everyone to see her for who she is, not Laina’s little sister. She is impulsive, and out there. She goes out of her way to be the exact opposite of Laina. Both Andi and Laina have so much to learn. They spend so much time wanting to be different that they don’t see how great they are.

I love how much Andi and Laina grow throughout this book. They don’t realize how much they need each other. But I love when they spend time together. I was giggling so much. Their girl’s night toward the beginning was so much fun. I think Andi tortures herself when it comes to her crush. She tries to make there be something when she should just leave it alone.

Twelve steps is a fun story about sisters, bonding, boys, and how to be comfortable with yourself.