#16thingsithoughtweretrue - Janet Gurtler
I loved the journey the characters went through in this book. They all learn something, and how things aren’t always as they appear.

There were times that Morgan drove me nuts. She doesn’t have many friends, except online, and thinks the Twitter follower number is all that matters. Morgan is forced to interact with actual people, and she doesn’t really know what to do. I love the secondary characters, Amy and Adam. Amy never has a problem filling the silence, and Adam is not the person Morgan thinks he is. He may actually be fun.

I really enjoyed how Morgan works through her awkwardness interacting with actual people. She goes through so many things in this book, and I think she comes out a stronger person because of it. There were parts where I was laughing out loud, crying, and grinning from the joy shown by the characters.

16 Things I Thought Were True is a great coming of age story, and shows that many times your followers aren’t the people that will be there to help you through a rough patch.