Sing Sweet Nightingale - Erica Cameron
Sing Sweet Nightingale is a refreshing read. The world created within the pages is one I haven’t read before.

I adore Hudson. He’s got this need to save people. I think that’s really brave, even though sometimes it comes back to bite him in the butt. He’s a strong character that tries to make things right now matter how crazy it makes him look. Mari is a decent character. There were so many things she did that drove me nuts. She’s very naive, and doesn’t see how Orane is changing her. She kind of guesses, but not enough to change things.

There are a few tense moments, but a lot of it how the characters interact with each other. Because of the things that are happening there’s always a charge in the air whether they want there to be or not.

I’m ready to learn more about these beings in Paradise. Hopefully we get a more in depth look at them in the next book. I have so many questions about them.