The Replacement - Rachael Wade

My heart broke so many times for Elise. She’s a girl that has been given the impression that she’s only as good as she looks. She can’t seem to get over the supposed fact that she can only ever get attention for her body.

There are quite a few sex scenes, and Elise is at the center of all of them. It’s insane that she only sees happiness when she’s in the throws of passion. Elise doesn’t know how to be loved, and doesn’t think she deserves it. It takes on certain someone to show her otherwise.

I didn’t care for Elise’s actions. I don’t understand why she would choose to be the “other.” She’s worth so much more than that, and can’t see it. She doesn’t want to end up like her family, and does these things because that’s all she thinks she’ll amount to.

The Replacement is very much a story of breaking all of your own beliefs, and learning that you do deserve love. Just because you come from a broken family doesn’t mean you’ll always be broken. You can overcome the hurtful things that have been drilled into your head, and said about you, and won’t always be a replacement.